Can't get enough info on circus

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Check out these awesome circus blogs.

The FlyWire

by Delbert Hall

A newsletter for riggers and aerialists.


AD Studios considers safety our number one priority. We are proud of our student success and welcoming learning environment. 

The Artist Athlete - Shannon McKenna

The Artist Athlete Circus Podcast

The podcast is dedicated to CIRCUS. Aerialist, Shannon McKenna interviews guests from acrobats in Cirque du Soleil to circus therapists and everyone in between. Learn the backstage lives of those who flip, twist, sparkle, and shine under the big top.

Simply Circus

by Steven Santos

Rigging Textbooks... and more! 

SassyPants Aerial by Laura Witwer

"Because gravity is for other people." 

The Circus Doc - Dr. Emily Scherb

Dr. Emily Scherb is a physical therapist with a lifelong passion for understanding human movement.  



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