Hey, we are so excited to have you FLY with us! 

In order to SIGN UP for a bunch of amazing classes, you will be required to make a PROFILE.

1. It's quite easy, just click on the link provided

2. Make a profile.

3. Select the class that you'd like to take from our live schedule

4. Click to enroll

Happy Flying!

" I want to try Aerial Arts so badly, but what if l have no experience?"

Worry not! We offer a variety of BEGINNER FRIENDLY CLASSES such as Silks 1, Lyra 1, Hammock 1 that are safe and fun to take when you are trying out Aerial Arts for the very first time. 

Hey, we've all been there! Most of our students come to their first class without having any kind of experience or athletic background. SO no worry! At our studio, we promise you that we will make sure you have a great time while being safe and there will be no pressure on our side to go faster than your own pace. We believe strongly in the culture of safety as well as empowering our students to try their best, without pushing them beyond their limits.

Give yourself the opportunity to fly. You might be surprised, this could be your new passion.

"What to expect from my very first AERIAL CLASS?"

Your first class will be one to always remember. You will feel both excited and maybe a bit nervous, which is perfectly normal. But we promise that once you taste flight, you will never wish your feet to touch the ground again.


Yes, learning Aerial Arts can be challenging, but don't feel discouraged, because once you fly for the first time, it will all be worth it.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you start aerial arts (and never forget them):

1. Learning aerial arts can be challenging, however, your instructors will show you how to get into the trick in a safe way, answer your questions and demonstrate it to you when needed.

2. Remember: your aerial class is not a contest, so try to not compare yourself with others. Everyone has different strengths, and learns at a different pace. Some people are stronger, others are bendier, some have the ability to see a trick once and do it. You will get there, at your own pace. Practice makes perfect!

3. The most important thing about coming to an aerial class is accomplishing YOUR OWN GOALS. It doesn’t matter what those are ( maybe you wish to get stronger, more flexible, build up endurance or pain tolerance). What ever it may be, remember to always try to have fun, be patient with yourself and ENJOY the process.

4. Celebrate your victories. Just remember: It doesn't get EASIER. YOU get STRONGER!


Yes! Please do! WE ARE A BIG TRIBE!


It is important to know HOW MANY STUDENTS are being expected per class, that way, we can let our assistant teachers know if they will be needed to help spot.


Also, we have a CAP per class [Between 10 and 15 students depending of the class].

WALK-INS are welcome, however, SIGNING UP AHEAD OF TIME will help you save your spot :)

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