Jessica King

Founder/Owner/ Advanced Aerial

Jessica is a third generation circus performer, whose passion for the industry runs through her veins. For ten years she performed multiple ground and aerial acts in the Sailor Circus, now part of the Circus Arts Conservatory. After graduating high school, she spent many summers teaching children circus arts at different camps around the country.

While attending the University of Central Florida she wanted to tell stories through circus, dance, and clowning so she created two UCF Circus Spectacular productions while majoring in Theatre. After graduating she was a head instructor at Dance and Circus Arts of Tampa Bay for five years. While there, she grew as a performer, teacher, and person in more ways than she thought possible.


With the encouragement of all of her friends and Family she started Aerial Dragons which has turned into one of the biggest circus troupes in Tampa Bay. She has been featured at The Ritz, State Fair Grounds, Hard Rock Cafe, Gasparilla Music festival, Suwannee Music Park, and many other venues around Tampa Bay and beyond. She also performed underneath a hot air balloon in South Korea, where she gained the endurance to hang upside down for a whole 15 mins. 

Nicole Morelli

Aerial Instructor

Nicole started her aerial journey about five years ago when she took her first aerial class at a pole fitness studio she had been going to. She knew instantly that it was something she was going to love. After taking classes, performing, and eventually teaching classes she made her way across the bridge and made her home at Aerial Dragons Studios. She's currently a Silks and Lyra teacher. 

Lauren Nunn

Aerial Instructor

Lauren has only been with the Dragons for a short time but has impressed them with her passion, dedication, and love for learning. She is a certified yoga teacher that teaches all over Tampa Bay. With her impressive skills in flow arts and Acro yoga it was a no brainer that she needed to join the Dragons as both teacher and performer. She is a perfect example of someone who has blended a yogi mind with a circus fair for performing. 

Jhenie Rivera

Aerial Yoga Instructor

Riquette Ramsey

Aerial & Dance Instructor

Miss Riquette is a traveling performance artist from New York who’s first love is dance. She came to Florida to pursue a career as a dance teacher. Here, she found her interest aerial circus arts. The first time she went up in the air she felt stronger than she ever has before. It was love at first “hup!' Now she teaches teaches aerial arts on different apparatus at Aerial Dragons Studios, where she continues her training as an aerialist as well as an instructor. 

Kate Grow

Aerial Instructor

"Circus Arts was a dream of mine ever since attending several circuses as a child and becoming obsessed with those beautiful ladies flying through the air." For Kate, this dream finally came true 4 years ago; having both fitness and belly dance as a background kept her in movement, but aerial arts has given her passion. She can’t remember life before it. Kate felt inspired to assist teach at Aerial Dragons Studios because she loved helping people find that same fire aerial has brought into her soul.


"My mission as an aerial instructor is to help students grow stronger, while safely learning and understanding tricks and skills. I consider myself a fabric theory nerd so I love explaining to people why things work the way they do. My hope is that by understanding theory students can safely become more creative. My goal as an aerialist is to keep learning, growing stronger and pushing myself to the next level with the hopes of teaching and performing more in 2018. My favorite quote:


"-What is hard today will one day be your warm up.” 

Katrina Stevenson

Aerial Instructor

Katrina Stevenson is an award-winning actress, costume designer, and director. An artistic associate with The Jobsite Theater, she has recently been seen onstage at The Straz Center in Dancing at Lughnasa as Maggie, The Tempest as Ariel, and as the title role in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. It was while preparing for the role as the Air Spirit Ariel in Shakespeare’s Tempest that Katrina fell in love with Aerial Silks. A lifelong performer and dancer, she embraces the synthesis of dance, athleticism, and dramatic performance the Aerial Arts demand. When not performing, Katrina is hard at work as a costume designer and constructor. Her costumes have been seen onstage in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Gorey Stories, The Three Penny Opera, Return to the Forbidden Planet, and The Hound of the Baskervilles, among many others. She is now an Assisting Teacher at Aerial Dragons Studios, where she continues her training as both an aerialist and as an instructor.

Seejay Seitz

Aerial Instructor

Monique Becker

Aerial Instructor

Since Monique was a child, she loved two things – teaching and performing. She danced and competed at national competitions, and after high school, she interned with a Broadway producer and talent scout, facilitating workshops in New York, Los Angeles, and England. She moved to Michigan to get her Bachelor's in Business Administration and shortly after discovered circus arts in 2011.
Within a few months of training, Monique began teaching and performing throughout the United States and Canada. She developed a student showcase program as a choreographer and artistic director. Monique was a guest performer for various companies and worked with nonprofit and outreach programs to share and promote circus arts. She also continues to work with the Canadian Pole Sports and Arts Federation as a guest teacher and judge at the national and world Pole Sports and Arts competitions.
In 2017, Monique moved to Savannah, GA and opened the areas first aerial arts studio but sadly closed the doors a couple years later to move with her husband to Tampa. Monique was amazed by how quickly she was welcomed into the Aerial Dragon community. She is excited to be a part of this incredible tribe and hopes to share her knowledge while continuing to grow amongst these dynamic and talented artists.

Chris Kirchman

Partner Acro Instructor


Chris has been practicing partner acrobatics for 4 years now, after attending an Acroyoga class and getting hooked. With a background in yoga, rock climbing, and Thai massage, acro was the perfect blend of athleticism, mindfulness, and connection for him. After moving to St Pete, he began teaching acro at The Movement Sanctuary when it opened in the summer of 2017. He has had the opportunity to attend and instruct at acrobatic festivals around the country. For the past year, he has been a member of the Miami-based performance troupe, Aerial Dragons, and has performed around the state with them. His passion is to make high level acrobatics accessible to anyone with a desire to learn.

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Kaley Gay

Founder/ Owner

Kaley Gay, is an Arts bachelor’s degree student. Studying at the University of South Florida helped her acquire many skills, such as public speaking and leadership, that both work to implement social change. Understanding how to read behavioral patterns of groups and individuals was vital to the expansion of her work.


She began to expand her studies in January 2013, which soon lead her to the calling of being a Yoga teacher. Currently she identifies solely with the art of Hatha. Hatha Yoga is the act of balancing two perfect opposites, and through practice and discipline begins to connect mind, body, and spirit.


Her reasoning for starting Enchanted Souls Yoga is to aid other people in returning back to their magical state of being free to love and thrive. She teaches all over the Tampa Bay area and received her certification at The Lotus Pond, a local health and wellness center. Kaley is constantly designing new and innovative ways in which to challenge her clients and deepen their spiritual practice. 


She believes that the body is a vehicle to healing, and that through movement we can reconnect to our higher-selves and begin to heal. Yoga teaches us disciplines to help bring our awareness to the breath, which puts us back into the present moment. The techniques that Yoga teaches its practitioners helps them learn to control the "monkey mind" and helps them move, speak, and live from their higher being.

Yoga is known by its unique poses and ways that it pushes the body and mind. Therefore, a true Yogi is constantly continuing their own growth of body, mind, and spirit.

Cristhia "Mikah" Cuevas

Aerial & Fusion Dance Instructor

Ms. Cristhia "Mikah" Cuevas has always been passionate about performing. Whether it's through dance, acting, teaching or making props for productions, her heart is set on the stage.


Her journey through different styles of dance has allowed her to travel around the world and enrich her knowledge of each dance technique. She has studied Mexican Prehispanic Folk Dances in different parts of Mexico, as well as Traditional Indian Temple Dances in India such as Bharatanatyam, Odissi and Kathak,  and the beautiful Pacific Island Traditional Polynesian Dances in Hawaii and Tahiti. She fell in love with Raqs Shari and began practicing Oriental Dance, where she studied under the tutelage of Nationally and Internationally known Bellydancers, enriching her already vast dance experience.


Other styles she enjoys practicing are Latin Dance (from salsa to bachata), Argentinian Tango, Westcoast Swing/Lindy Hop, Samba and African rhythms.

When Ms. Mikah first tried aerial circus arts, she fell in love with it immediately. It was incredible to believe that she could transfer all of her dance techniques and bring it up to the air, and never came down after that.


Being an elementary teacher for over 10 years, Ms. Mikah assisted to build the Kids Aerial Circus Arts Program at The Keep, where she teaches both the Kids and the Teens classes. Slowly expanding her teaching experience and instructing the Beginner and Intermediate Adult levels as well. Some of the aerial apparatus that she teaches are: Silks, Hammock, Trapeze and Lyra.

She began working on a program called "Tlajtolpapalotl Project" where she merged the beautiful traditional folk dances from Mexico and the magical enchantments of aerial arts to perform it in front of the public. Gathering her aerial circus arts groups that she taught (kids, teens and adults) she prepared a Culturally Unique Show that is seasonally presented in the studio during showcases as well as in public events and private venues.

Ms. Mikah is an aerialist, a performer and an aerial instructor and a culturally unique fusion dance teacher at Aerial Dragons Studios.

Jen Morgan

Aerial Instructor

Jen has been with Aerial Dragons since the beginning. She has no prior dance, gymnastics or aerial training of any kind. She took her first aerial class January of 2014 and instantly fell in love. Since then she has performed with Aerial Dragons multiple times, and has even traveled outside of Florida to perform for and represent Aerial Dragons, along with other local events. She hopes to one day reach her goals of being a contortionist and to always inspire and motivate others!


"My mission as a teacher at Aerial Dragon Studios is to help motivate and inspire individuals. To show the ones who think they can't that they can, to empower both men and women. To watch everyone blossom in the air and overcome the 'impossible'. My life changed dramatically once I started training with Aerial Dragons,  I found myself, I found my home, and little by little my life started to come together. Words could never begin to express the love and gratitude I have for finding such a gem. I only hope that as a teacher I can make others feel the same way."

Nicole Kenney

Aerial Instructor

She started her journey with aerial dragons nearly 2 years ago and is a part of the performing troupe. She has a significant background in competitive gymnastics and has traveled around the US and has competed for team Florida. Nicole specializes is handstands and hand balancing. For the past 10 years she has had her hand in teaching and spotting in both gymnastics and cheerleading. Nicole's mission is " to create a safe and uplifting environment to help everyone take a step out of their comfort zone and try something new. " Nicole states that finding aerial dragons and the keep has given her a new passion and she wants to share that feeling with everyone that walks through our doors.

Kailee Wixon

Aerial Instructor

Kailee Wixon aka Kiki has won the award for the most hours of training at Aerial Dragons Studios. She has been with the Dragons since nearly the beginning and has proven time and again that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. She had no background in dance or gymnastics but has blossomed into a performer who exudes strength and athleticism. Her loyalty and dedication to the Dragons has earned her a spot as Silks and Aerial Hammoc teacher.     

Ariane Iagulli

Aerial Instructor

Jamie Russell

Aerial Instructor

Jamie found her way to the stage at a very young age.  Her dance training started at the age of 3, and she played a variety of team sports throughout her adolescent years and into college.  Little did she know that combination of dance and athleticism would one day pave the way to an immersive world in circus arts. Since finding aerial, she has made it an integral part of her life and wishes nothing more than to share that passion with the rest of the world.

Valeriya Weimman

Flexibility/Contortion Instructor

Started out her training in Russia as a rhythmic gymnast at the age of 7; later on getting accepted in to the Olympic Training Center in Moscow, Russia representing  her country at international competitions. After a big move to USA she continued her training in rhythmics receiving many awards at different competitions all over United states. Getting an injury at 16 years old, she continued to spread all her knowledge of the sport as a coach. Since then she has been teaching different technique of dance rhythmic gymnastic equipment coordination and flexibility.  Falling in love with aerial and circus arts becoming apart of the Aerial Dragons Studios while teaching Advanced flexibility. 

Erin Yonke

Circus Acro Instructor

Acrobat:  Hand-to-Hand Flyer + Base / Specializes in Icarian 


Erin considers herself to have been a 'Gym-rat' her entire life starting out with gymnastics and then transitioned to competitive cheerleading, competing on the national level in both sports.  She started teaching private tumbling lessons at the age of 14 and continued coaching all the way through college, where she became the head coach and choreographer for a small Allstar Cheerleading gym.  Her coaching style focuses on fundamentals + technique, but likes to have fun at the same time!  Erin found yoga, then eventually Acro-yoga in 2015, and after her first 'jam' she was hooked for life!

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