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What to Wear?

Please wear tight fitting athletic clothing that covers all the way to the back of your knees. Use a leotard or a fitted shirt that covers the sides of your ribcage.


If you wear shorts, then please wear dance tights underneath them.


Please have hair pulled back and out of face.

No zippers, sequins, rhinestone, jewelry, watches, or anything else that can snag the fabrics and tear it. It is a safety protocol for both you and our equipment.


Leotards are recommended for intermediate classes and mandatory for advanced classes. 


During most classes, the students will be bare foot.


Ballet shoes and acro shoes are helpful in trapeze and lyra classes, but are not required.


Do not put on any oils or lotions before class. It makes your grip more challenging and is a safety hazard when it gets on the equipment.  

What to Bring?




Dance bag with:


Long sleeved shirt

Rosin/ firm grip ($12 on Amazon)

Extra hair ties 

Snacks (if you are thinking of taking more than 1 


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