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Other Circus Classes

Fusion Bellydance

Our Fusion Bellydance Class allows students to explore the distinctive movements of traditional folk dances such as Pre-Hispanic Drums (Aztec Dance), as well as the beautiful art form of Oriental Bellydance which includes hip drops and isolations. The enchanting hip drills and hand movements of the Polynesian Island Dances and the alluring techniques of Fusion Temple Dances. 

A different style technique is taught every 4 months and the students perform a routine during spring or winter showcases.


No previous experience is required. Don't worry if you are NOT FLEXIBLE YET, that's why you come to flexibility class!


To bring your Acro-Balancing tricks or Aerial Routines to a whole other level, FLEXIBILITY is key. The most impressive and beautiful tricks, either in the air or on the ground, require deep back bends, splits, straddles, shoulder flexibility and back arching. When working on improving your flexibility, you will notice how the tricks and moves you've already nailed will feel far more comfortable, be more graceful and polished.

What to expect from our Flexibility class?

- Back bends/back arches

- Forward bends

- Flat straddle/over straddle

- Squared flat splits on both legs/over splits

- Skin the Cat to full extent (full shoulder flexion)

What to bring to flexibility class?

- Comfortable clothing


*No previous experience required! This class is for ALL LEVELS!*

*Don't worry if you DON'T HAVE UPPER BODY STRENGTH, that's why you come to our CONDITIONING CLASS!


Our CONDITIONING CLASS is specifically designed to target building upper body strength, improve shoulder stability, muscle toning and increasing endurance in the air in order to be able to perform a full aerial routine while making each seem effortless, even though it is not.

*What to expect from our CONDITIONING CLASS?

Our conditioning class runs like a training circuit, where we will push your cardio and strength to their fullest capacity while doing a series of repetitions on aerial apparatuses such as: silks, trapeze, lyra hoop; but expect to do some ground work as well.

Dance Techniques

Dance Technique and Flow: is a class offered to students of all dance backgrounds. Whether you have 10 years of dance experience or you have never taken a class, this is for you. We will be exploring spatial and bodily awareness while learning dance combinations and how to apply these techniques to your aerial training and performances.


No previous experience is required. Beginner Friendly!
A strong, stable handstand is the foundation of circus acrobatics and a whole-body skill that anyone can learn! In our Handstands/Canes class focuses on techniques to keep you upside down longer than you thought possible.


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